Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The start of my explanation as to how i single handidly terrorised Peter Handfril's family for the last six months of my pregnancy!

Later on in the pits of my embarrassment – again! Peter Handfril is knocking at my front door and I am hiding in the kitchen after ordering Sarah to get rid of him! As usual she completely disobeyed my orders (Christ are we at work, I thought) and let him in! However I didn’t know this and upon hearing the front door close, assuming that she had made a reasonable excuse and sent him on his way, I sneaked out from behind the kitchen door whispering ‘thank god, I can never face Peter Handfril again”, only to actually be well, faced with him! I tried to speak but I couldn’t and I just stood there with my mouth open and I think that my tongue was in that gormless position hanging over my teeth with my lips slightly parted (not the most flattering look, especially after abandoning the restaurant earlier with no explanation what so ever). “Jenna are you ok, what happened back there?” Peter Handfril asked. “Erm, erm” I was nervous and my mouth just wouldn’t work. Sarah butted in. “It’s the hormones you see Peter. Basically whilst Jenna was pregnant she terrorised your family!” My mouth started to work again “Sarah!” Well one word was better than that gormless look. “I don’t understand” a now baffled Peter replied. “Peter I’m really sorry and I will explain everything but not tonight, I am so tired and extremely embarrassed and please apologise to your poor granddad and tell him that I will pay for his glasses to fixed or buy him a new pair” “Granddads glasses are fine, the waiter ran them under the tap. Jenna please tell me what happened! I will worry all night if we leave it like this” Sarah grabbed her glass of wine and got comfy on the sofa and practically rubbed her hands together in excitement. I looked at her in that way I do at work when she tries to talk one of the brides out of getting married (I own a wedding boutique!) Anyway she sighed, stood up, put her glass down and said “you ruin all my fun”, grabbed her coat, kissed my cheek, told me that she loved me and if she needed me to call her and she left. Now to explain to Peter Handfril how I single handidly terrorised his family for the last six months of my pregnancy; starting with how I reversed into his mother’s brand new BMW five series saloon and drove off!

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